The Fourth Estate

The Fourth Estate is a 5 piece pop punk band from Birmingham, Alabama. Some songs are your standard pop punk songs, for example “Creeper” which is off their free demo. The Fourth Estate shows a wide variety of influences throughout the whole demo. The demo starts off with “Drifter” which reminds me of a more aggressive version of Against Me’s “Americans Abroad” but still packed with originality. The band is made up of a mish mash between local band Dollarhyde and others from the Birmingham music scene. The Fourth Estate is on tour right now playing some local shows and a handful of Virginia shows. Best of luck to them, I admire bands who work that fast; make a demo, play some shows, and tour. That’s what I’m talking about.

IF YOU LIKE: Gang vocals, melodic lead guitar, drums hitting on the off beat, Thrice-like vocals, songs that stop real quick followed by the singer saying ‘go!’ and resume. Palm muting.

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3 years ago